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Colorful Capital YARN!

There can be nothing better. Yes, I could write a wonderful little story about a mother who finds her child doing something heartwarming and incredible, but no!

I live to crochet or knit. Okay, and draw and paint. But I really spend a lot of time on crochet and knitting lately.

What can be better than a new skein of yarn or crochet thread (the thin stuff!)? A new set of NEEDLES!!!! Oh my gosh, it’s better than a new car smell. It’s not better than a new computer. Not in any way, shape or form. Or a new¬†Guardians of the Galaxy movie. But it’s nearly as good as … well, not that either. But it’s UP there!

I can get lost in the local crafts store. I head straight to the yarn. I may need new pencils or paint, but I am heading for the yarn. Then I talk myself out of the yarn and go to get for what I was actually there for in the first place. Then I go back to the yarn.


… I’m not leaving without that yarn.

Multicolored, thick, thin, lace-weight, baby soft, etc. You name it, I’ve used it. Plastic bags cut into strips and laced together? Yep, in Girl Scouts. Rubber bands? I tried it. Made me crazy. Denim strips? Been there. But none of that would replace YARN!!!!!!

I did start and Etsy shop that is empty at the moment. Why? You already know. I never finish anything. I am beating that now. I am about to sew buttons on the last toddler top that I made. I am making a baby jacket that will have a hood and an elephant on it. I actually put my daughter’s blanket in her hands. It only took two years for her to get it.

Guilt is powerful. I am on disability, driving Lyft to help with the smaller bills. I worked for many years at pretty decent salary levels, so the mortgage is paid with SSA Disability. It is time for me to create another life for myself. So I crochet and knit and write and draw and try to push myself to paint again. I’ll get that shop up soon. It will be festooned with pictures of yarn!!

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  1. Haha…that’s how I am with making things. I have a hard time finishing one thing before moving on to the next. Or I finish it and I decide that I like it and want to keep it, or I want to give it as a gift instead of selling it. It’s hard to buckle down and actually get enough to sell :~)

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