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et it not be said that Donald Trump has not been in every blog in the universe. He is now in mine.

Trump is now pretending to talk to “African Americans”, asking them “what have you got to lose?” in voting for him. He talks to us by using every stereotype that racist and/or ignorant whites believe black life is like. We are supposed to be happy to vote for him because he will make sure that we can leave our homes in safety daily instead of being shot. We are supposed to be happy to vote for him because all of our schools are horrible. He will create good jobs so that we can get out of poverty.

Listen carefully: 27.4% of black people in this country live below the poverty level1. That means

72.6% of black people ARE NOT POOR!

Let’s look at the truths that he stretched:

  1.  Many schools in many parts of country that are primarily attended by poor black children are horrible schools. That is by design to keep those children from joining the rest of the nation in prosperity and success. BTW, that is a fact in all poor regions of the country. Politicians do not care about poor children whose parents cannot line the pols pockets. These schools must be improved. I will not address possible changes here because that is another post.
  2. Some poor black neighborhoods are dangerous. All of them are not. The press focuses on Chicago, DC, Baltimore and other areas where the violent crime rate is high. The rate of violent crime has risen ACROSS THE COUNTRY in 20152. So yes, it is higher in areas that may have already been dangerous, as it is in other areas.
  3. Jobs are scarce in poor black neighborhoods. YES!! But part of the problem is that jobs that can be held by people who were forced to attend substandard schools were shipped overseas by people like Trump whose shirts and ties and handkerchiefs are manufactured in China and other places.

Basically, Trump is not speaking to me and mine. He is reinforcing the stereotypes that his supporters believe to be true about every black person in the country. He was telling his supporters that he would make life better for those poor, pitiful black people that they all either feel sorry for or resent, take your pick.

What do we have to lose by voting for him? Our dignity, our pride, and our ability to look ourselves in the mirror, that’s all.

Illustration credit – DonkeyHotey
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