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hat has happened to this country is our fault. All of us. It is our fault. I realized that I had been struck brain dead by the allegations against Kavanaugh, the third set of allegations. I wasn’t crocheting, or drawing, or scanning (though I tried and it did not work). I was simply piddling around all day.

Most of that is because my country has disappeared and I had tired of thinking about it. But every time I touch my phone, there was another notification about Kavanaugh, or Bill Cosby, or Amy Guyger or some other mess that was pulling at my brain cells. So I turned it all off. If I started to draw, it was about that. If I started to pray, even, it was about what is going on in this country. If I wanted to back up some files by scanning them into Google Drive (r), it reminded me of the IRS, which reminded me of the disgrace in the White House, which caused me to play a game on my phone.

My country has become, over the past fifty years, a sea of foolishness. The general society believes that if Black people are allowed any freedoms that is a license for everyone to go all the way live with “whatever makes you happy”. There is a lot of history in that statement that requires a different post. But the society does not hold together if we do not agree on certain overall rules. Not rules that oppress, but rules that hold the fabric of the country together. We used to agree on certain things: Freedom of speech, religion and general property rights. That everyone had the right to work. That if you opened a business, you could prosper as long as what you did wasn’t illegal or immoral.

I will hold to my belief that Jesus is the light of the world, and that following him makes all things better. But America has decided that she wants no part of that or any other moral or religious code. MOST of the problem is self-afflicted. The Evangelical church has shown their alliance with White Supremacy from its beginning, poisoning Black worship along with themselves by lying about ‘these truths are self-evident, that all men are created equal’. Black folk have spent centuries trying to get white liars to accept them, modeling their worship in certain churches after them, and applying the same desire for positions and titles and designer clothing to that ‘faith’. The Catholic Church has yet to effectively deal with their sexual and abuse sins (hint: I Timothy 4:1-5). Prosperity preachers and ‘shepherds’ who violate every one of the Ten Commandments, but demand fealty from their parishoners and have the nerve to demand that others stand before the congregation to confess their sins have the nerve to call on the name of the Lord when their sins find them out.
Ordinary, every day Christians who stand by and watch it all happen without protest or a demand for change are just as bad. I am just as culpable. If you stand in a temple, or synagogue, or mosque and do nothing to demand accountability from our religious and secular leaders, you are as culpable as I am.

We should all be ashamed. We have all killed this country. Even those of us who have no real power. We do not have the money or the positions or the social standing to be able to sway people by human standards, but we know better. Knowing better means we should do better, and shame, yes SHAME, our friends and neighbors by our own behavior. Mind you, in this country today, simply behaving as though you have a moral backbone, without saying anything to anyone, is enough to cause you to be ostracized.

You can handle it. Continue to care about the position of POTUS. Continue to care about the destruction of families at the Southern US border and throughout the country as immigrants, legal and illegal, are attacked by ICE. Continue to be outraged as our government cannot find a way to bring two parties, only two parties, together to pass a budget! Take in foster children. Adopt the “unadoptable”. Care about drug addicts, the mentally ill, the homeless – often these three are the same people. Care about our military, while they are in service and in retirement. Attend church and mean it. Attend synagogue and mean it. Pray and mean it. Go to school – elementary, middle and high school, college, university, trade school – and mean it. Work hard to change this world without destroying each other.

Together, with our actions, as we vote, petition, vote, attend town meetings, vote, impeach, vote, run for office, vote, pray, vote, worship, vote, and love one another, we can make a difference in this country.

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