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Capital HHonestly, for a moment, I just could not deal.

I could not handle another “Trump this” or “Trump that”. I could not handle the failures of the church. I could not handle the police shooting another black person in this country, or another dictator flattening villages, or another move by a regime that the US had propped up for years. I just could not.

My therapist, bless her heart (really), suggested that I take a social media break. That stretched into months. I have not posted here since November of 2017.

It is time to come back.

No, nothing incredible happened that rocked my world and made me start writing again. Instead, I have found my voice in small things. Children who were adorable on Resurrection Day. Studying the ancient roots of Judaism and its child, Christianity, and how that child has been abused by us. Finding a passage here and there in my Bible Studies that reignited my soul. Realizing that #45 is going to hurt his supporters more than anyone else and wanting to try and warn them again. Realizing I have so much to say!

So, on the 50th Anniversary of the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who gave his life for a country that did not deserve him, I am writing again. Tomorrow, I will be working on a short story I put down at the same time last year in order to finish it. I will start writing a manual for the Social Media Ministry of Springfield Baptist Church in DC, which I head, for training next week ( I might even draw!

I am excited about where this blog and art work will go over the next few months. I hope you will find it interesting and thought provoking.

Always Looking Forward

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