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Are you reading this post and have not registered to vote yet? WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?!

Here is the website that you need:

Once you have accessed the site, chose your state, and register to vote. It is so not difficult!

Remember that you are voting not only for POTUS, but also for Mayor, or Congressional Representatives, for Senators and judges, for dog-catchers and Clerk of the Court. You must educate yourself. You must look at every candidate’s website, REGARDLESS OF THEIR PARTY, and make a decision for School Board that will affect your children or grandchildren or godchildren or nieces and nephews. You must make a decision concerning the position of prosecutors, who wield so much power in this country that they can decide whether you live or die based on what they charge you with and how they bias a grand jury. You are voting for judges who may be predisposed to dislike you because of what you wear or how your hair is done. You are voting for Countyh Council, where they decide whether the contractor who greases the right palm will be able to build dozens of garden apartment conmplexes in the four acres behind YOUR house. You are voting for the Animal Control officer who needs to send staff out to deal with the rabid neighborhood cats.

It is so important that you vote that I cannotoveremphasize it! VOTE!!! But first, if you arenot registered, make that happen before the deadline is over for your state. I know there are many that cannot because they are not citizhttps://turbovote.orgens, or because they are former felons or a number of other reasons. This country, unlike many in the West, finds ways to stop people from voting. if you are not precluded from voting, it is your obligation to stop for fifteen minutes and get registered. Real easy.

Make it happen!

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