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At some point in my life, I needed to learn this lesson. It just took me forever to learn it. At least to me, it seems like it’s been waaaayyyy too long. When God puts an end to something, we shouldn’t try to drag it on in order to “make things work”. If He ended it, you will know IF YOU WATCH and LISTEN!!! I didn’t watch and listen this last time, and now I am suffering the consequences of not walking away when He said “That’s enough”.

But God is merciful and patient. I was beginning to understand the lesson, and He let a friend walk back into my life with an offer that I don’t think I have comprehended yet. When it works out, I will be leaving almost everything that I have slaved at to help her grow an empire. Beginning this week. In God’s own timing. We may have to sweat out a while, but that is okay. We will make it, because He said so.

How should I have known that I could trust Him, and walked away from this nightmare with my pride and integrity intact (yes, I said pride!) I should have known because people who have brain aneurysms blow out should be dead, and I’m not. I should have known because people whose cars come to a nearly dead stop on the Washington Beltway should be dead, and I’m not. I should have known because women who go into empty office buildings with strangers, strangers who begin to disrobe, don’t come out unscathed, but I did. I should have known because I have been offering free business advice to friends and acquaintances for years, but this person has been my focus for the last year, and I didn’t realize it. I should have known because I have become so disgusted with what I do, and who I do it for, and the reasons why I got up day after day and suffered through it, that I am sure what I am doing now can’t be in God’s plan for me. I should have known because I’ve been through this before in 1985, when I took a chance and made a jump. It shouldn’t have taken me this long to understand what God was saying, but I feel so blessed that I understand now, and it is not too late!

I have been out of order. Now I will begin to line up with what he wants of me. Bless God, He kicked me hard enough that, this time, I’m paying attention without fighting back. Awesome.

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