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hile everyone is screaming about “#45 said this” and “#45 did that”, be aware: THIS IS ALL A RUSE!

While folks are wasting their time looking at the next scandal that #45, a TV star, is rolling out to distract us. There are very serious, life changing (even ending) “adjustments” being committed in our government.

For example, the Labor Department’s compliance office has been targeted to be gutted. (Please read the article!) For four decades, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs has protected workers in Federal Contracting companies, companies that I worked from from 1989 to 2012. Compliance means you are informed of your rights as a human being in the workforce, of what is expected of your employer by the Federal Government as a contractor, and that companies that break the rules MAY be disqualified from government conTracting. That big heavy stick could be very useful with many companies that wanted to skirt the rules and basically create paid slave labor (When I write the paid slave labor post, I’ll link to it).

I was blessed never to have to use this office. I have heard of folks who had to go there; the results were slow, but just and fair. Cases were often settled in the complaintant’s favor and garbage cases were thrown out. I have gotten advice from this office when I wasn’t being paid for work that I did with a DC government contractor for work as a sub-contractor to a sub-contractor to a sub-contactor (really!). I got paid without filing and having to wait. Pay attention. Your rights are being eroded.

Take a look at what is happening with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) New EPA documents reveal even deeper proposed cuts to staff and programs and a review of portion of #45’s proposed EPA budget cuts.

The idea is to get rid of 25% of the workforce and scuttle 56 programs. However, these cuts will cause a great deal of pain in areas where environmental injustice has been occurring. Remember Flint, Michigan? It is not over! According to the WaPo article, where this linked video can be found, former EPA official Mustafa Ali describes the damage that will be done with the rollback of these policies.

Also, will you be helped by cuts in testing the accuracy of fuel efficiency claims by automakers? Automakers know that fuel efficiency is popular with consumers; it saves us money at the gas pump, and who doesn’t want cleaner air? But these are the folks who caught Volkswagen in their big lie. The same office caught Fiat Chrysler for the same reason. In fact, most car companies try to tell the same lies! We cannot afford to have that office cut!

Has it occurred to anyone that #45 is out to destroy anything that President Obama did, and that is his, and Bannon’s, only reason for living at the moment? Of course, their claim is that they want to return all of these policies and requirements back to the states, WHERE THEY NEVER WERE IN THE FIRST PLACE (!), and trust states that are not known for caring for the civil rights of their minority communities or the environment to take care of all of their people and the environment. Seriously …

Let’s stay on the environmental front for the moment. While my local news station is focused on a new political show that they will bring on, live, at 11:30 at night, and whether Captain Underpants will kill at the box office (it will), they briefly noted that #45 has decided to pull out of the Paris Accord. From what I learned at (, we can’t just pull ourselves out. There is a three year delay after a country says they want to pull out, and then another year’s delay after that. That means, after #45 is impeached and #46 is implicated in his crimes and resigns, the newest president would have time to rescind the retreat.

They could also negotiate down (what a phrase) the requirements, but that would take years. Even though the announcement would cause nothing to happen, the EFFECT of the desire to pull out of the Paris Treaty will cause a ripple effect. How many countries will say “If the US won’t stay, we won’t either”? Russia, anyone?

There is so, so much more, but these posts are always so long. Get involved with your government. #45 is in office because we, the people of this country, have been lazy about our duties as citizens for so long. We have not been praying enough. We have not been writing to our representatives. We have not been doing our research before voting. We have not done the work! Keep reading. Keep watching.

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