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would like to organize a group of people that is neither far left or right, that represents the average American who has, in two weeks, become very frightened. People who know something about history, or are willing to learn it. People who believe that the Founders were flawed, but they were on to something. People who believe that this country is young enough to grow up and understand that growing up requires stretching and falling and getting back up and sometimes going through pain and a bit of agony. People who WANT to make sure that EVERYONE in our country has the opportunity to live their best life. People who spurn confusion and chaos, but also understand the rules are evil if they serve no purpose.

We need people who are empathetic, sympathetic and well aware that “there but for the grace of God go I“. We need to rise up and recover this country before the Puppet allows Bannon to declare martial war using the Puppet’s pen, as they want to do. The threats to go into Chicago with the Feds when they are already there, is part of a plan¬†to act like a dictator, rather than a president.

I will not waste any time repeating the insanity that has happened this week, though every word in the first clause of this sentence is a separate link to another story of the Puppet flailing out of control. I will eventually address it all.

Without the concerted effort of the good people in America, mysogonistic, race-baiting,war mongering pugnaciousness will cause us to be at war, either with North Korea or Australia.

Find your Senator’s email and telephone numbers online. Find your Congressional Representative’s email and telephone numbers online. Make your voice heard. Be sure that you know what is going on in your local politics as well as the sensationalized tweets and burps of the puppet and his henchmen. WAKE UP!!! Pray up!!! All decent people must fight this fight together. Fast. Pray. Act.

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