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I’m old; at least old enough to know what I don’t want to do. I love to write, but I don’t want to feel pressed to write on assignment to make extra money to put the kids through college, or send work to someone else’s site for them to post to send me 10 cents a click.

I want to write about stuff that I find interesting. I want to change topics in mid-stream, and hope that people find it interesting enough to come back and see what I do the next time. I want to write about teenagers, and aging parents, and purple elephants with pink wings, and empty nests that fill back up, and disappointment and struggling to make ends meet and all sorts of stuff. Occasionally, I will write about business continuity, as that is what I am an expert in, especially for the Feds. But I also want to write about makeup and skin care, and driving too fast, being disappointed with my son and surprised by my daughter, being thrilled by my son and frightened by my daughter (!) and why I keep my husband…

I plan to write. I hope someone will follow me.

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