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So I spent most of the last four days doing nothing constructive, except finishing a baby jacket. I needed time to absorb the fact that the police officer that murdered Philando Castile was allowed to walk free because he “feared for his life”. This morning, I hear the details of Charleena Lyles shooting.

I. Am. Tired.
Charleena’s story can be found here. If you’ve read any of my posts before, you will know that I expect you to read the articles that I link too. It does help to be knowledgeable before you move forward.
Because it was known that this woman was having mental health issues from a previous police encounter, and that officers had successfully calmed her down, why were Barney Fife one and two so afraid? Did her 100 lb, five foot tall (was she even that tall?) frame cause them to quake in their boots? Why did the officers not have Tasers with them? Is that not required in Seattle, which is still under Federal surveillance? Did she not call for help because of a robbery? If she came to the door with a knife, would one not first talk to her until she put it down, even if it took a long time? That is what other officers did when she had scissors. She called for help, remember?
Did Philando Castile not tell the officer that he had a gun in the vehicle and a license/permit for that? Did the dash cam not corroborate that report? Were there not three people in the car, including a little girl? According to the testimony, the other officer, Kauser said “…He testified he didn’t see a gun inside the car and didn’t hear most of the conversation between Yanez and Castile, who appeared calm and relaxed. Kauser said he was surprised when Yanez started shooting.” [Quote from article] If the officer thought the broken tail light belonged to a robbery suspect, why did he not call for backup before exiting his vehicle? If the driver, Castile, offers to get his license when you ask for it, why are you scared when he reaches for it? Does not the dash cam note that Philando did not raise his voice and that the gun was in the glove compartment?
There is a list going around Facebook and Twitter that catalogues the things that will get you killed by the police in America if you are black. It’s a long list and this is not a full representation of it. Running AWAY from a cop. Not signalling when you change langes while driving. Having a broken tail light. Being mentally ill. Thinking you are being robbed. Reaching for your wallet when asked for ID. Having your car break down. Being deaf. Being autistic. Laying down on the ground with your hands up in the air. Selling illegal cigarettes. Being on the ground with two cops sitting on top of you.
I. Am. Tired.
I’m not allowing comments on this post because I have read them all elsewhere. The trolls, the black nationalists, the Alt_right sympathizers, the uneducated, the uninformed, the unreasonable, those that agree with me … Tired.

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