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excessive-letter-i¬†wake up with angry elbows every morning. I don’t know why; they certainly don’t take the abuse my feet and legs do, carrying around all this extra weight and being forced to work hard to get rid of it. They don’t struggle to digest the fiber that I am constantly poking in my body to relieve the pressure on my intestines and stuff. But every morning, they are angry. They can actually impede my ability to get up, and it can take five minutes just to convince them to handle the day.

I have to roll to my side and push up with the right elbow and forearm to rise. That is not a function of weight – I need to lose 50 pounds – but because of the lumbar stenosis that was ravaging my back and the surgery in March 2016 to fix it, I am just getting started here in November. Once I sit up, I have to balance with my arms, using those elbows, to keep from collapsing. The pain in my legs can be intense initially. If I stay in one position for a long time, as I do when I sleep, then the legs lock up. So every morning, I have to stretch in bed and off the side of the bed before I can get moving.

I will give the elbows this: they are the first to recover from the night’s sleep. They no longer hurt after ten minutes, and are ready to take on the day.

I’m not sure why I am writing about them. They have been extra abused lately. I needed an extra shot of cortisone in my right wrist and a trigger point in my right shoulder; the pain would shoot through my elbow into my middle finger. Don’t bother to look that up; it makes absolutely no sense. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a bear. But it should hit a couple of fingers, not one.

Anyway, this is a tribute to the elbows. They are struggling and making it happen in spite of the demands. They sit in the middle of your trunk and put up with your need for their help to get out of chairs, lean to the side in bed, play “Words with Friends” when you should be sleeping, and take the abuse of this horrible chair that I need to take outside and burn. The arm rests aggravate my elbows after half an hour, but I don’t have a job at the moment, so I cannot get another.

Here’s to you, my elbows. I appreciate you…


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