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Purple Quill Pen

There are days when we see what we do as writers as a pain. Those are the days when the posts still get done, or the article written, or page 83 of the book is put to bed, but it is not because you wanted to do it. It is because you had to do it.

The discipline that caused me to stop playing that Pet game on Facebook is the discipline that will get my book written. It will get this blog updated after we came back form vacation this week. It will get me to the point of setting up a website for our Cross The Bridge transportation company for people who suffer from gephyrophobia. It will get the supporting app written.


It can be rather boring and aggravating, but you do feel satisfied with yourself because you took the time to make things happen that need to happen. I will catch up on my posts next week. We took a spur of the moment trip to Niagara Falls this week. Our money has been funny and our change has been strange for the last couple of years, so this was an extreme treat. My husband was ordained at our church on July 1, 2017, and he decided that we deserved to have a few days of rest. He was so, so right. A tiny taste of that is here.

Niagara and the trip inspired me to pick a purple quill for this post. It is one of my favorite colors, and a quill gives me a freer hand when I draw. Mistakes are just there. There is no getting away from them, so they have to be involved in the work. I can’t sweat over them. The Falls are much like that. They are a signature beautiful work of God and I can see the Almighty did not sweat whether one lake or two or five was needed. Four was just fine to create something awe inspiring. The work took forever, but the planning can be seen. From the tearing apart of the land mass to allow water into play, then the decisions on where what would fall away and how to create and destroy land bridges and falls and deserts and caverns and caves and … Wow. On top of it all, my husband and I got to stand “under” a part of that magnificence for a few moments.

I admit, quill or no, I have not drawn a thing this week. I was enjoying myself so much that only doodles happened. Sometimes, drawing requires discipline, like writing. I had none this week. It. Was. Awesome!

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