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Capital Y

ou didn’t have to be a Washington insider to be fascinated by James Comey’s testimony in front of the Congressional Intelligence Committee today. He was crisp; his attire, his posture and his answers. When he didn’t know, or didn’t have a clear answer, he rarely hesitated. “I don’t know about that, Senator” or “I cannot answer that in this setting” or “In hindsight, perhaps if I had been stronger I would have.”

I had a horrible time trying to watch the event today. It was an event in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia). After all, even if you are involved in industry here, government is the local talisman. If you were born in DC, half of your family, if not more, works for the Federal government, either directly or as a contractor. The other half works for people, who sub-contract to people who work for or with the Feds. Then of course, there is the medical community.

So there were bars in the area that opened at 9:30 am in order to have Comey viewing parties. There were people out in the crisp morning air, in jackets and sweaters, standing outside the Hart Office Building to get a seat in the hearing, which was open to the public. They sipped on water in disposable bottles and coffee in paper cups, so that they could throw away anything not allowed in the hearing. I wish I had joined them, but I needed to drive Lyft this morning (code: ineedthatbp) because we need the quick cash.

So as I was trying to get home at nearly 10, when the session was to begin, I got a call from a relative that needed to talk. Then I heard from my daughter, who had brought her godchildren to our house after the oldest’s graduation from Kindergarten. So I ran into the house, charged into the bathroom and finally hit record on the DVR before collecting hugs and admiring dresses, shoes and the ability to read!

I wish people who are criticizing him for not giving the President of the United States, #45, a quick, crisp rebuttal would answer this question: if you are standing in front of your boss’ boss’ boss, and he asks you to do something that is at least unethical, what would you do? In this political town, even the top prosecutor would freeze, which is exactly what Comey did. When #45 pushed again, with a slightly different approach (Flynn is a nice guy), Comey did two things that many of us who have been in management positions in the government (or government contractors) have done. He agreed that Flynn was a nice man and found a way to get the hell out of that office.

He then did something that I have done in the past, having learned it from my boss; he wrote a “Memo to the Record”. I think law firms and other corporate offices have the same thing available. You are not doing something that is official, but that is necessary to record the facts of a recent event, just in case it comes up again. These are rarely classified, and generally are the same thing as you writing in your diary, in detail but you would copy it and leave it behind for the next person coming to your position. I took over one job where I found a folder that contained nearly fifty of these memos. This was a woman who had conflict with the customer. She had a crisp, legal writing style. Her memos were for me, her predecessor. I was depressed for two days after reading them. Lo and behold, I found myself writing “MR”s within a month on that job!

A short, Crisp Poem

Here we are in June.
It was 67 degrees yesterday.

Crisp, bordering on cold by the time we came home from Bible
study last night.
It was wonderful.
I like the feeling of the air waking me up,
Leaving me with a slight chill and bright eyes.

Crisp is a feeling we didn’t have during the entire spring,
bits of it.
A little coolness here,
A little there.
Mostly, we seemed to be cursed with 85 and 90 degree days in April.
What is that?

April is for those cool, crisp, almost tingly
mornings where you can’t decide between a
sweater or
a jacket.

In a couple of days, they say it will be 97.


I will hide in my air conditioned house and set the temperature to

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