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Crochet Knit LoveI love to crochet and to knit. I LOVE IT! Honestly, if I didn’t have to make money to eat, I would crochet in the morning, rub my hands and fingers with a fairly serious painkilling rub, take a Tramadol and a break, then knit all afternoon.

However, I spent all of my 401(k) trying to survive for a couple of years, and I need to make some money. So I have done a few things that did not work, like selling Aflac, and a couple that did, like writing for a variety of people for a variety of reasons and driving Uber/Lyft. I also have refused to give up something that has flatlined. Let’s not get into that.

Finally, I fell on dropshipping. Maybe one day I will create my own guide to dropshipping. Let me just say it is brilliant. No, I am not a millionaire yet. The people who are able to do that have money to feed into marketing. They always get it back. Always. Yes, I believe them. I believe them because $15 here and $5 there has returned actual money to my pocket.

So, I went looking for a niche. You know what came to my head first. But I pushed it aside, looking in the suggested research area for the niched that would bring in quick money. Never found it.

I never found it because my brain would not wrap itself around anything except crochet and knitting. NOTHING would work for me except that. I stopped searching and started researching, looking at guilds and associations and social media groups until I could not stand another one! I read as much as I could concerning drop shipping from a variety of vendors, bloggers, emailers, and suppliers until I felt that I could start something small.

As it turns out, I went in the right direction. After launching, focusing solely on crocheting and knitting tools, yarn, and storage, I have learned so much! I am so excited about this new step that my kids and I have created another niche that we are still researching (more on that in February) and saving money to be able to finance.

I still drive Uber and Lyft to supplement my Social Security Disability, but I am looking forward to the day when I can actually stop doing that. It hurts, quite frankly. As much as I enjoy meeting new people, it also pushes the limits of my introversion. I will continue to write for other people, but I am more focused now on marketing for myself. I am learning more about Facebook and Instagram advertising and growing my Twitter audience.

I am also looking at how to run a business that employs others in my community. I will be looking for a virtual assistant because I want to be able to set strategy and let someone else deal with the details. I am already over it; finding products and changing the description and prices, sometimes one at a time, in a wide variety of drop shipping apps and distributors is exhausting for me. For our next niche, the kids have assigned me the task of calling individual distributors to make contacts and arrange a dropshipping engagement. I am not looking forward to keeping up the spreadsheets that I built, or importing the data into our marketplace, or training them after they get off from work or so many other things that have to be done.

I look forward to making this work. By this time next year, I want to be looking at a new kitchen. It can be done. It will be done. I plan to chronicle the ride here. I am excited!

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