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ou didn’t have to be a Washington insider to be fascinated by James Comey’s testimony in front of the Congressional Intelligence Committee today. He was crisp; his attire, his posture and his answers. When he didn’t know, or didn’t have a clear answer, he rarely hesitated. “I don’t know about that, Senator” or “I cannot answer that in this setting” or

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hile everyone is screaming about “#45 said this” and “#45 did that”, be aware: THIS IS ALL A RUSE! While folks are wasting their time looking at the next scandal that #45, a TV star, is rolling out to distract us. There are very serious, life changing (even ending) “adjustments” being committed in our government. For example, the Labor Department’s compliance

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Northfork and others

want to give a shout out to Nurse Practitioner (NP) Keisha Saunders, who works in her hometown. Click her name to read the article in the Washington Post. It is not really about her, but about the poor people of Northfork, WV, where she grew up, left and came back to help. It is about the Medicare that they may all

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