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This is Our Fault

hat has happened to this country is our fault. All of us. It is our fault. I realized that I had been struck brain dead by the allegations against Kavanaugh, the third set of allegations. I wasn’t crocheting, or drawing, or scanning (though I tried and it did not work). I was simply piddling around all day. Most of that is

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Honestly, for a moment, I just could not deal. I could not handle another “Trump this” or “Trump that”. I could not handle the failures of the church. I could not handle the police shooting another black person in this country, or another dictator flattening villages, or another move by a regime that the US had propped up for years. I

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ou didn’t have to be a Washington insider to be fascinated by James Comey’s testimony in front of the Congressional Intelligence Committee today. He was crisp; his attire, his posture and his answers. When he didn’t know, or didn’t have a clear answer, he rarely hesitated. “I don’t know about that, Senator” or “I cannot answer that in this setting” or

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