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It’s a new year! Why the exclamation point? I’m not sure … yet. But I’m certainly excited to see 2015 go away. It was a sucky year. Don’t get me wrong; God is good and His mercy endures forever. But I am glad to see the year gone!!!

My mother was in the hospital so many times this year that you need one foot to continue counting it all. They finally found out what was wrong in the next to the last week of the year. Now that the problem is stopped, she is working on getting her strength back. At 83, with a number of health issues, she (and we) is glad to see 2016. Dad is in great shape and still rolling strong. I want to be just like him when I grow up!

My son still doesn’t have a steady job, and now he is not in school. Not that he hasn’t tried; you need one hand for the number of jobs he held this year while going to school. Earlier in the year, he bought $120 worth of stuff at Walmart, going through the self-serve checkout. He forgot two items. Instead of telling him to come back and pay for those, they had him arrested. After he left his cart at the door to go get his car. After he pulled up at the door to load the car. After he didn’t run or complain. He spent hours waiting for us to figure out how to pay bail remotely. Returning to school last August, he lived in his car for a while, has eaten cheap pizza steadily for months, sleeps on the floor of the room he rents, and his car is continuously breaking down. He couldn’t finance another semester because we don’t have decent credit anymore. At the end of the year, just before Christmas, he found out that his new job hadn’t finished his background check and shouldn’t have been letting him work. So he has spent a week out of work, hasn’t been paid for the 80 hours he did work and can’t pay his rent. He’s glad to see 2016 end!

We can’t figure out how we’re going to pay his rent because we are generally $200 short each month. We made it in the last part of the year because of an unexpected inheritance (BLESSINGS), but car repairs, and car swapping with the people who were supposed to be fixing our car, and repairs to my son’s car, and my daughters tires and my car and paying our son’s rent twice left us with a literal zero balance last week. I drive Uber and Lyft and do transcription. Excuse me, I’m supposed to be sick!

BUT YET we have never missed a day of eating or getting to work or supporting the kids. Sometimes my father has stepped in, sometimes my sister, sometimes I worked a bit longer than I should have. BTW, if SSA is looking, I never exceeded what I was allowed to make or worked more than ten hours a week. Honestly, I can’t. 🙂 GOD HAS SHOWN UP AND SHOWN OUT, even when I have complained about it all. I’ve been angry with Him, suicidal, despairing and pouty. But He’s never left us, even in the car in Atlanta. Our daughter moved from here to the basement of an incredibly dysfunctional family to her first apartment and a new job. The job my son “has” is pushing hard to get him back on the job. My husband has cemented is responsibilities at the church and lessened his responsibilities on his job.  The mortgage was adjusted (HARP). I can still drive when so many others I know with the diseases can’t do much more than get out of bed. I have dictation software. We can still sing and we still dance. It’s a wonder, but we are still here!

We are looking forward to this new year. It will have art exhibits, Instagram postings, new and organized business, and positive adventures. How do I know that? Because we are focused this year. Depression is under control; focus has returned. Jobs have actually been obtained and either have begun or will start within the week. I can’t drive too much more, but other doors are opening. This is going to be a great year! Why not?

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