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This has been a difficult year. Don’t think that I do not appreciate living through it. I have learned so, so much this year! So much so that I am pushed to write about it. I generally put things in a notebook, and it never makes it to tumblr. My only resolution that might actually be worth something in the coming year is to make sure that those musings make it to “Brain Dump”. I will also create and nurture my company blog account – “Perpetua”.

This year was a time of learning for me. I found out that I am excited by strategy and creation in a business setting. I realized in 2012 that I really, really cannot stand maintenance. But sitting in meetings with partners to create proposals and ‘strategize’ about development approaches excited me! Creating and submitting the proposals was a thrill. Teaching someone else what I knew about business was exhilarating.

Unfortunately, none of it came to fruition. We never won a contract. However, that was not a loss either. I learned how to network and partner effectively, what types of entrepreneurs are out there, and what kind of drive it takes to make it all happen. I have learned that not only can everyone not be trusted, but that “TRUST YOUR GUT” needs to be tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. More importantly, I have learned where my lane is, and I am learning how to stay in it.

In this year, I have grown my Avon business. Not to the heights that I would like, but well enough. I have learned how to motivate my team, at least the ones who really want to grow.

And I have met some phenomenal people. Absolutely mind-blowing, outstanding, driven people who love God, love their freedom, and are committed to growing their businesses in order to enhance their lives. I have learned that the purpose of business is to give me and my family a better life.

There were things about 2013 that sucked. I lost a godson, a role model, a surrogate mother, an uncle by marriage, my baby uncle, and a good friend. I have been unemployed more than I have worked. I have been bamboozled by two companies on the same contract. I am disgusted with both groups of people. I have also learned that there are government agencies to help you fix that! 🙂

I have grown to love my husband more this year as he dealt with my struggles with depression, a new affliction for me. I have grown to love God more as He reassured me that He had not let go of me. I have grown to realize that I am an entrepreneur, and should stop hiding behind other people. I have grown…I will not miss this year, but I am thankful for what I have learned. I am looking forward to 2014.

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